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may I suspect?

This shaila only an experienced sofer ca relay too. this mezuza was written by an experienced sofer all the lines started a drop after the right sirtut the sofer was makpid by uvshochbecha and uvkumecha that the beis shall not enter the vav all of a sudden this vov  is out of character ,may I suspect?

Tefiros Covered by Paint

Lechatchila the stitches of Tefillin are supposed to be visible which is why the charitzim (if present) are not supposed to be too deep. Yet this does not passel bedieved. Is there any source that says it is worse if the tefiros are completely covered (at least in many spots) by paint? Thanks

Mezuza Question

I am a Tennant in an apartment in Israel. So far my mezuzos have been the landlord's. I now want to check them and possibly exchange them for the ones I own. I know I can make a tnai if there are none up, but what about this situation where it evolves taking the current ones down. Is it possible to switch to mine, and when I leave, return the landlord's mezuzos to the door posts? 

"PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN". New business practice

For years I have been struggling to decide which mezuzos shall be returned to the sofer and which I shall correct. Obviously this should be decided on individual basis. Some sofrim rarely have any problems and I sometimes absorb the cost of a possul mezuza that happened by accident,missing word smudge etc. Some sofrim after receiving returns will be more careful. Others will even scold me for returning a "PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN". I have lately decided to warn the sofrim that shal there be  A careless PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN not only will I return it I will also charge him a fee. I am now charging $4 per mezuza I return. attached are pics of great mezuzos and a careless sofer. your thoughts please.

good shaila


40 year old megila

I am trying to find information about this megila the ksav is outstanding the artwork is better than anything I've ever seen, anybody has any clues as to the sofer or artist? I made a close up of what may be a signature. i

Printing on Klaf

Does anyone have experience printing semichas or kesubas certificates on to klaf? Thanks, Yitzchok

How many cows are used for one Sefer Torah?

As much as it sounds like a joke, it is a real question. A couple of friends were curious about how many cows are used for one Sefer Torah. So a couple of points here: 1. What is the average size for a Sefer Torah? (I know the layout is either 245 or 248 amudim or 62-63 yeriot) 2. Now, how many yeriot does one get from 1 single cow? 3. Based on number 2 how many cows do we use for a Sefer Torah? Thank you everyone for your help as always!
There were a few end ך's which were questionable (had short גג) I showed a tinok all and he said end ך  for all of them, except for the end of לאבתיך he said, " enda vav.".  Any thoughts?


This was posted in a group. One suggested it was pasul and another that it was kosher. I tend to agree that it's kosher. I sent the image to a colleague, also a talmid of Rav Friedlander (and a moreh horaah in stam) and based on the image he wasn't sure how to pasken.

Double leather retzuot

Has anyone seen retzuot made of two separate bonded layers of leather?  These are not like the lacquered ones which peel like a tape and are passul.  They may not be the best retzuot, but it appears to me that they would be kasher for use.  Your comments please.