Double leather retzuot

Has anyone seen retzuot made of two separate bonded layers of leather?  These are not like the lacquered ones which peel like a tape and are passul.  They may not be the best retzuot, but it appears to me that they would be kasher for use.  Your comments please.


  1. I doubt there are 2 separate layers that are bonded together. It's most likely a single layer than has split or when pulled it splits apart.

  2. this looks to me like that of the retzuah "scandal" exposed a few years ago where the top layer was plastic and the bottom layer was poor quality pressed leather. Many of these had forged hechshairim. please do a search on this forum for more details, you will see we discussed it a lot.

    1. Actually, looking at it again, the top part looks too matt to be of the above mentioned variety. Those were more shiny and plastic looking. Hard to tell from the photo though. Do you know which company this is?

    2. No idea which company produced it. The customer bought the tefillin from a sofer in Israel. The top is matt leather the bottom is also leather. Very likely, the epidermis is separating from the dermis as Rav Yerachmiel mentions above.


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