may I suspect?

This shaila only an experienced sofer ca relay too.
this mezuza was written by an experienced sofer
all the lines started a drop after the right sirtut
the sofer was makpid by uvshochbecha and uvkumecha that the beis shall not enter the vav
all of a sudden this vov  is out of character ,may I suspect?


  1. What would be the halacha in this case? Would it be a possible shinuy tzurah due to the beis entering the vav?

    1. I think the issue Rabbi Traube is concerned about is the fact that the vav looks like it was added in afterwards.

      I agree that it does look suspicious.

      Perhaps ask the sofer for an explanation (such as he started a bit of the beis before realising that he forgot the vav, which he squeezed in front before finishing the beis. Some sofrim would do this...)

    2. I would agree with R' Gutnick here. The sofer started the beis and therefore had to add in the vav which would still be a problem of ktzas ois not k'sedran. For that nice of ksav it probably has a very high price that people would assume does not have such an issue, no?

  2. looks like a different ovi kulmus...does the deyo look different?


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