"PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN". New business practice

For years I have been struggling to decide which mezuzos shall be returned to the sofer and which I shall correct. Obviously this should be decided on individual basis.
Some sofrim rarely have any problems and I sometimes absorb the cost of a possul mezuza that happened by accident,missing word smudge etc.
Some sofrim after receiving returns will be more careful.
Others will even scold me for returning a "PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN".
I have lately decided to warn the sofrim that shal there be  A careless PSUL SHEMUTAR LESAKEN not only will I return it I will also charge him a fee. I am now charging $4 per mezuza I return.
attached are pics of great mezuzos and a careless sofer.
your thoughts please.


  1. Thoughts:

    IMHO Some of the issues you point out are not really very problematic and are easily fixed.

    You have to take into account that checking new mezuzos need work, and multiple tikunim are not uncommon.

    It would be quicker to just fix minor issues instead of writing up notes and explanations.

    Obviously a non fixable psul or a psul whcich would be bedieved after fixing should be returned. (You can charge the sofer for the checking until the psul.)

    Finally, if the sofer has a chronic problem with a certain letter or issue, it makes sense to bring it to his attention, so he can improve.

    1. While I do think this Sofer was careless and some of the issues are psuls, the understanding I have with my socher is that he gets a better price from me since I don't have to pay to get the mezuzah checked. If there are to many psuls or things to fix where you don't think it is worth getting that better price from the sofer maybe you should not use this sofer?

  2. Perhaps on the contrary for every Mezuzah that is perfectly checked and fixed you should pay the Sofer an extra $4

    See ספר המזוזה, פרק י"ח אות שיח

  3. THE REASON I AM DOING THIS IS TO CHANGE THE WAY OF THINKING as most sofrim think same as Reb Noach And Reb Yisroel!!!!!
    Halacha is a sofer may not release a mezuzah that is not perfect. Rav Wosner VOLUME 8 SIMAN 9 writes that this halacha is valid even though the sofer says it was not muga and CLEARLY STIPULATES that it should be given to magia.
    Therefore when sofer gives price it is for a mezuza that is kosher.
    (in my case I actually explained this to sofer and gave him a raise)

    1. I'm sorry but here he is giving it to a magia no? I give to the socher and he is the magia, as you are also? I think Rav Wosner is speaking of when not giving to an actual magia, but I have not seen this inside so just going with how you phrased it. If I had to be sure to have a muga mezzuzza before giving it to a socher I would then charge the extra to the socher as I do for someone who is buying private. It seems to me you would need to change the way the sochrim are doing business as well as they always say don't worry I am doing the hagah.


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