Entrance: Require Mezuzah?

Does this entrance require a mezuzah? If so where?

This is an entrance into a private courtyard leading into the house.
The door posts do not reach all the way up but are about 160cm tall.
There are 2 decorative and/or structural pillars connecting the wall and up to the ceiling.
There is no definitive lintel, rather just the ceiling extending to above the gate and door posts. This ceiling also only covers the walkway leading up until the gate and does not cover the courtyard.
If this entrance requires a mezuzah, how do I measure it? The top third of the wall (excluding the pillar) or top third including the pillar.

Many thanks and Chag Sameach.


  1. I think you should put up a mezuza without a bracha.
    The measure of a third [from the top] is in regard to the doorpost only, and not the total hight of the entrance.


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