Putting the head of a lamed into the airspace of a different letter

I was thinking about the Halacha of the head of a lamed entering the airspace of another letter and a question came into my head.

I know for a fact that a sofer cannot do that with regard to a Dalet or Resh since that might cause a shinui tzruah change.

I also know that lechatchilah the lamed should not enter the airspace of a chet or Hey.

Would this halacha include the airspace of a Pey Pashuta or Tzadi Pashuta and other letters? Or is it more of a Bedieved situtation?


  1. פרי מגדים
    רבי עקיבא איגר
    And seams so from many more

    That a letter that covers ground only on 2 sides, has no "airspace "

  2. nicely broken down into 3 categories.
    Halacha is as Rabbi Levin wrote.

    Good to keep in mind that according to Divrei Chaims understanding in Ramban it is possul and can be corrected by scratching very intresting is that he learns only lamed-chaf must not be rewritten.
    Divrei Chaim concludes to be machmir only where possible.


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