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Mezuzah Fraud

A letter to all students of StaM

Dear תלמידים, ה' עליכם יחיו.
I am writing this letter in response to those of you who reached out to me asking me to provide guidance and leadership at this time:
I open with a heartfelt תפלה to our father in heaven: וה' יצילני מטעות הכתיבה ומטעות הכוונה.
This is the closing statement of a sacred תפלה that we are enjoined to ask of Hashem before commencing our עבודת הקודש. ( עי' שערי תשובה סימן ל"ב ס"ק ג' הובא ג"כ בלשכה"ס סי' ד' ס"ק א').
We know, perhaps more than anyone, that in order to execute our work in integrity, let alone live a life that is consistent with the sanctity of our work, we are in great need of .סיעתא דשמיא  This תפלה, as well as וידוי and אנא בכח, constantly remind us of that, deepening our humility and intensifying our reliance on ה'.
May G-d almighty save me from erring in my writing and in my intentions.
I will present here three distinct points. Each one is independently valid. Together, they create a pe…