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Shiurim resources


Going through the older posts I found this great shiur from Harav Weiner שי׳

Would the Rav be willing to record more like this? It would be great to have more shiurim of this clarity and caliber.

In general, what resources for in depth video or audio shiurim in ספרות would be recommended?

I’m aware there are some shiurim on קול הלשון an those of Harav Moalem and R’ Adam but would be grateful for recommendations.

Update to Membership email

Hi all - thank you to R' Eli for enabling me to assist the administration side of the Forum.

For those who have responded to my email - thank you very much - we are in the process of updating the membership status and allowing new members to join, so I will keep you posted on this progress.

If you have received an email from me, but have not yet replied, can you please advise your preferred status via private email to me on

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me too.

Many thanks

Shailah of the week (at least for me)

The vov above. There are poskim who passel the vov above and say it's a shinuy tzura (pey pshutah).

Five questions - feel free to answer in comments:

1) kosher as is (but fix a bit by adding ink)?
2) possul?
3) shailos tinok?
4) lf shailos tinok, do you cover the other letters?
5) If possul (or tinok reads incorrectly), can I repair? I should think yes, because its the last "shem" of the tefillin, I could scratch back to that vov and re-write the last 7 and a half words (parts of letters at least). I would not think it would be mechikas Hashem to erase.. if its a pey....)