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Does anyone remember seeing anywhere mentioned, that the words "Ve'chara Af" should preferably be written on one line in Tefillin? I remember a long time ago seeing something mentioned in a Sefer to that effect, but cannot remember where. We're not talking strictly Halachakly speaking, but some sort of Inyan besides. If anyone encountered something like that in any Sefer, I would greatly appreciate if they would enlighten me. Thank You.

The Tefilin of Habakuk Hanavi

ב׳׳ה We are supposed to post once a month to keep our our privilege to edit this blog. Here is more of a proper post with a dvar Torah. Perhaps something that other's may not have come across yet in their Torah studies. For those involved in עניני S"tam, Torah study in general gains a different prism through which we examine various sources. It is always through lens of this עסק, in the back of ones mind. You notice things you would have otherwise simply skimmed over. Here is an example of the thoughts that pasted through as I came across this past שבת in  זהר בשלח מה׳ א׳. The Tefila of Habakuk is described as the concept of the Tefila, in the singular, of the Hand Tefilin, תפילה של יד. This unusual statement seems mentioned almost in passing, as a different explanations is then given at length, and this idea is not elaborated further inside. However, some מפרשים do discuss it a bit. The context is within a discussion of an aggada brought here about Habakuk Hanav