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Nun Pshuta or Zayin?

I sent this to an accessible posek,not associated to Rav Friedlander/Rav Elyashiv (or Rav Vozner), for his opinion. He said it was kosher. I then pointed out that the leg  measured 2x the height of the head, measured from sirtut and not including any of the ink that spread between the tagin. He replied, "It's a Nun". Being uncomfortable with his opinion since it's has the correct proportions of a Zayin, I showed it to another talmid of Rav Friedlander, who, unlike myself, publicly answers shailahs, and he said, "The opposite. We pasken like the Avnei Nezer (Siman 11)". Also see Mishnas Hasofer 6:2, Shaar Tzion 2 and 3. The other posek refused to discuss it further via electronic means and I'm unable to discuss it with him in person. Anyone have a suggestion why he'd machshir it without question?