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אפדה continued

This spot is the one that concerns me. It might be a contender for a כל שהוא as per the lashon of the SA, which is the shiur to make it a kosher Hei according to the Rosh (and Chazon Ish) A dot the size of a pinhead is not an issue and a slightly larger than pinhead is a ST according to some poskim I saw. Perhaps this spot is large enough to no longer be a ST? See Shevet Halevi 2:140. At the least, a ST needs to be asked.
I do need to look at the Tzemach Tzedek inside but this morning I happened to have seen it briefly mentioned in Yeriot Shlomo. That case refers to 4 small dots inside a Dalet. Perhaps those dots were pin head or a drop larger than pinhead size, unlike this case in which it's a little larger?