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מלוא אות קטנה

Has anyone heard from one of the talmidim of the Shevet Halevi if he held halachah lemaaseh that mloh os ketana (Yud) is like the Mikdash Me'at (and Kol Sofrim, Imrei Shefer Ksov Lechaim), that it's 1 kulmus or like the MB/Chazon Ish, a bit more than a kulmus (to account for the leg)?

[Interestingly, the Binyan AB wants to suggest that mloh os ketana refers to the width of a Yud, which would also be a kulmus.)

Has anyone heard directly from any of the gedolei haposkim whether the shiur of the MB is a kulmus plus a bit or a kulmus plus a bit longer than the shortest possible oketz RT? [Understandably this is a very slight nafka mina.] There's discussion about this is some recent seforim including Yerios Hasofer, Ksav Hasofer and Mishna Brura Oz Vehadar.

Food for thought. Maybe there's a nafka mina between Sephardim and Ashkenazim since many Ashkenaz poskim consider the lower oketz to be an integral, required part of the letter. In fact, Rav Mualem just told me that ther…