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The Berditchever on סת״ם and Megillas Esther

On the Stringency of writing Megillas Esther, the beginnings of Safrus from Ezra hasofer, ksav Ashuris, ksiva tama, the 70 languages and on sirtut
The Berditchever writes at length his view on ksav Asuris etc, in his Kedusha Shniya on Purim. As you’ll see below.
The first part(kidusha rishona), concerning the stringency of megilla, does not have to do with סת״ם as much as comparing it to Sefer Torah, in general. The later points have more to do with סת״ם itself. Nonetheless, I trust this first part will still be of interest to the sofrim. Permission for use of the pictures of the text was given by the מו״ל of this edition (who happens to be a descendant of the Berditchever!)
The stringency we find by Megillas Esther over a sefer Torah. 
There is a stronger obligation to read the megilla than there is a to read the Torah. Yet the Torah is from Moshe from Sinai while the Megilla is only written ברוח הקודש by Mordechai and Esther. Even though it is an obligation to read Yetzias Mitzrayi…