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Query and comments on GR"A megilla - thoughts welcome

Today I was talking to a respected rabbi I am friendly with,  who is currently researching the concept of the GR"A  megillah.

He sent me a photo of a page from the Ma’aseh Rav of the Gra, Weinreb edition, and noted  that the Likutim on the side begin the discussion quoting the Tosefes Ma’aseh Rav written by R’ Eliezer Landau, great grandson of the Gra, re the need for Amudim ( Atzei Chayim equivalent) on the Megillah.

He noted that what seems to emerge is one of two approaches:

A) either the Gra insisted on 2 Amudim, like a Sefer Torah; rejecting the concept of Igeres...
B) Insisting on at least 1 Amud which would achieve both; Having an Amud and at the same time differentiating the Megillah as an igeres from a Sefer Torah and other Sifrei Nevi’im.

This Shita in the Gra is expressed by R’ Naftali Hertz who as a Talmid of R Yehoshua Leib Diskin was sent to Yafo to hold the religious fort there in the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s. He was a Mekubal apparently. He published one of the e…