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Vaad Mishmeres Stam in Israel has a branch called IDTORAH. All STaM  scanned by The Vaad gets saved under a unique code system,however no names are attached to and scans.  What ID.....  does is the following: It takes the files saved in the main computer system:
1. puts them into ID database
2. saves them with all the owner info.
3. If you scan anything that has a match  in the database it will be identified with all the info stored.
What you gain: A torah that is registered can allways be identified even if the eitz chaim and mantel were removed.
A torah flagged as stolen and is brought in for computer check or registration will be recognized automaticaly.
A thief stole a large amount of sfarim and removed the eitz chaim,when he was caught only tjose in the database were returned easily to the owners.
Imagine your father /grandfather take his torah to a retirement community and at a ripe age passes away, five years later the rav changed the gabay changed and the family wants the tora…