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I just publicized this following article I wrote, explaining why even the Mezuzah "holder" should not be neglected... " ופסח ה' על הפתח ולא יתן המשחית לבוא אל בתיכם לנגוף " What you should know about The Spanish Inquisition while Pesach-cleaning By Rabbi Shea Lindner Sofer Stam On February 20, 1997, The New York Times published the following fascinating article, under the headline: “When Household Habits Betrayed the Jews”. I will first quote the article in its entirerty: “Do you sweep dust toward the center of the room instead of straight out the door? Did you buy a new set of dishes last March? Do you suffer from such severe headaches that they prevent you from cooking on certain days of the week? And by the way, do you prefer to cook in olive oil rather than lard?” If you had lived in Spain, Portugal or their American colonies from around 1480 until the early 1800's, your domestic habits - or rumors about them from neighbors and
Would like to know everyone's opinion on this Zayin of the word Bechozek on the last line. Is this a serious Shaala of a Dalet Hafucha?...