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Sefer Torah Reinking and interesting Tzurah

My yeshiva asked me to reink some letters in a Sefer Torah that they have.
It is a very old Sefer and I am unsure how old is it...

Does anyone know where this Sefer might be from? I am not an expert in Ashkenazic Sefrei Torah

Also, this Mem Sofit has an interesting tzurah. Any thoughts?

Tiyug lishma

Is it necessary or just a nice thing for a metayeg to do?

What about tiyug of Shaimos?

Yerios Shlomo chelek 4 page 362 says it's a good thing to do.

Many times when making tagin, the metayeg doesn't stop at the edge of the letter but continues into the head. On a Shatnez getz letter, if this is done with all 3 tagin, a good part, if not the majority of the head, can be covered by this ink. If the metayeg doesn't do it lishma is there an issue?
I've just started to look into this but I've heard from one posek that as long as if the part of the letter he's covered weren't there it'd still have a tzuras ois we could be maikil. (And even if not, one could be maavir kulmus lishma). I was told by a good metayeg that a posek told him that since the letter was already complete and mekudash and his ink isn't adding or detracting then it's fine.

Has anyone seen or heard from the poskim on this matter?