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Chol Hamoed Question

Firstly, a gemar chasimah tovah to everyone, and apologies for the recent lull in activity. I'm sure everyone else has been busy as well. (This is the first time I am looking at this forum in a month!)
Today I was asked to repair a slightly damaged letter ( by moisture (probably spit)). I immediately noticed a large gap on the page,  after the word "bemisporom" which I thought may even be the width of nine yudin combined (which would be possul since it is acceptable as the shiur stumah, and there is not supposed to be a stumah there).
See picture below

After closer investigation it was determined that the space is not large enough to fit 9 yudin, but one could fit three large letters there, which is the accepted shiur stumah of rabbeinu Tam. Such a space is not possul but definitely somewhat problematic, as can see here in this excerpt from the L'dovid Emes (footnote 4) , who rules that one does not stop reading from it in the middle of the kriya, but one should not …