Anyone familiar with tefillin sold online from Pe'er Hastam?

They're in Bnai Brak. The fact they're selling tefillin on Amazon, etc. starting at $157, leads me to be suspicious. I am on a campaign and I told someone that his tefillin were pasul. He ignored what I had to offer and went online to shop for tefillin even though I warned him that Amazon, eBay and Judaica shops are not the place to purchase Stam. When I saw he didn't care and was more interested in the price I offered to contact the seller and request specific information about their basic gasos. He ignored that offer as well. Amaratzus.


  1. If a plumber would be "Campaigning" and come to my house telling me that there's an issue with the coding of my plumbing and offer to fix it for $500, i would probably ignore him too.
    At most i would use someone else's services to verify and fix the problem.

    Therefor, when "telling someone that his Tefillin were Pasul" it's usually best (for versus reasons) to recommend and contact him with a different reliable Sofer - which you may also find onlin.


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