Different mezuzos in same house

Someone asked me to source them various mezuzos but only wanted to spend a minimum amount (and therefore wanted basic mezuzos). i could offer them basic ARI mezuzos or mid range BY. I know that they have some mezuzos up which are BY.
They are not observant yet so don’t really have a minhag.
Is it problematic to have different mezuzos with different csav up in the same house?
Should I push for them to have the mid range BY over the basic ARI ?
Would appreciate your opinions. Thanks


  1. It is proper for the mezuzahs to be the same minhag.

  2. For someone unobservant, that should be their biggest issue. I once commented to Rabbi Duvid Laib Greenfeld about the fact that in the Vaad Mishmeres STaM office in Boro Park some of the mezuzos were BY and others were Ari. He said, "What's the problem? BY is good and Ariza"l is good!" I think that it is quite misplaced to start putting "Chazon Ish chumros" on mechalelei Shabbos. Halevai the mezuzos should be kosher.

  3. I agree with Avi H. "that it is quite misplaced to start putting "Chazon Ish chumros" on mechalelei Shabbos. Halevai the mezuzos should be kosher."

    But regarding the very subject, this is a Shailah that is already mentioned in a lot of Poskim, I'll Just quote a few:

    שו"ת השיב משה יו"ד סימן נ"א is Machshir even if in one Sefer Torah half is written with a Tzadi Ar"i and half is written with a Tzadi Beis Yosef.

    ספר משנת אברהם סימן כ"ג סעיף פ"ז regarding a S"T or Tefillin that have both Tzadi's he writes "כבר פסקו כל גדולי מדינת פולין שפסולין בלי ספק" and he continues that even if the whole S"T is written with one Tzura of Tzadi and the Tefillin is written with a different Tzura of Tzadi one shall not be Oleh to the S"T with these Tefillin because it is a תרתי דסתרי.

    שו"ת ויחי יעקב יו"ד סימן ע' discuses this Shailah "Different mezuzos in same house" and his opinion is that it shouldn't be done, and he adds that his Psak has been told to the Sefas Emes of Gur Zatza"l and he agreed to it.

    These are just a few Poskim dealing with this Shailah, and there are many more. ואכהמ"ל.


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