A Mezuzah was brought in for inspection today, when unrolling we realized that two thin klafs were rolled as one.
Is there a difference between afixing 2 mezuzos  where according to most is over baal tosef   or roling two klafs as one is fdifferent since it was afixed as one.

1. was he yotze
2.should bracha be made when reafixing
3. should he do tshuva for baal tosef
4. does he have to search for seller and return

your thoughts please


  1. 5. Should the Sofer/seller do tshuva

  2. Did the second (outer) klaf have writing on or was it a blank klaf?

  3. It happened to me once. I opened a mezuzah and found two thin mezuzos rolled into one. They were bought a couple of years earlier from a judaica shop that had mistakenly rolled two mezuzos together.

    The customer happened to be with me when I unrolled them. He was completely blown away. He wasn't upset at all, actually he started laughing. He told me the reason he had bought new mezuzos to begin with was because he and his wife couldn't have children for many years and he ended up having twins. This is one of my favourite stories in over 20 years of safrus.

    (He actually said he was going to return the extra mezuzah to the shop, since he had not paid for the extra one.)


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