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Small vav, large yud

Thoughts on “hayom”?

Incredible Sefer Torah

Just completed. Ksav Ari, 5cm tall. It can fit into the palm of of ones hand. What's most incredible is that the ksav looks halachic. Very unique.

Textual differences in Megillat Esther

I hope all the Soferim, Magichim, and Sochrim, are successful in making and selling Megillot for this coming Purim. I recently ordered a Tikkun Soferim for a Megillat Esther, and is an Ashkenaz copy of Megilat Esther. I know there are textual differences between a Sephardic and Ashkenaz Megillah but I forgot where the differences are. Does anyone have a list or remember what they are? I want to add some notes on the tikkun so that I will not make a mistake As always, thanks for the help!