Textual differences in Megillat Esther

I hope all the Soferim, Magichim, and Sochrim, are successful in making and selling Megillot for this coming Purim.

I recently ordered a Tikkun Soferim for a Megillat Esther, and is an Ashkenaz copy of Megilat Esther.
I know there are textual differences between a Sephardic and Ashkenaz Megillah but I forgot where the differences are.

Does anyone have a list or remember what they are?
I want to add some notes on the tikkun so that I will not make a mistake

As always, thanks for the help!


  1. There are also differences between the old Sefardi tradition and the Ashkenazi tradition in regard to the pesucha-setuma issue in a Megilla - as commented in Keses Hasofer (28:4) and Lishkas Hasofer there.


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