Hazards Of Coronavirus

I'm sure many on this forum are feeling the affects of the Coronavirus in the respective communities. Here in Melbourne we have had members of our community testing positive and many people are in mandatory quarantine or self isolation. Everyone is feeling the effects in some way or another.

So far the only "casualties" of the coronavirus that I have personally witnessed are pictured below:

1. I had a customer who was unwell, coughing and sneezing in my office. After he left we sprayed some Lysol, to disinfect the room. About half an hour later I noticed a beautiful mezuzah on my desk which had become ruined by the Lysol spray. I guess Lysol spray and STa'M are not a good mix.....

2. We were writing a kesubah in the office this week and the sofer doing it was using (a little too much) hand sanitizer. It dripped off his hands and onto the klaf. So just remember, it doesn't always evaporate, be careful with that stuff.

We are living in strange times!

The good news is that safrus works well with  social distancing.   If a sofer is required to quarantine or self isolate, he will still be able to work! I guess not everyone can say that....


  1. How would one deal with the incident with the hand sanitizer? Can one easily scrape off the hand sanitizer when it is dry? (Although Lechatchila, one should not erase in a Ketubah)


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