Negiah between two letters

Well, I might as well post some basic questions involving STaM, giving everyone a good halachot review.

(Of course, any comments / healthy criticisms on the ktav would be good also!)
Here is one:


  1. מותר לגרר הנגיעה, אין שום בעיה
    הכתב יפה
    אבל דבר אחד - לא הבנתי למה אתה עושה חרטום המ"ם כזה עבה ??

    1. Thank you Rabbi Weiner!
      I personally do the חרטום a bit thicker because I never really liked too thin of a connection. Also my father my father used to comment alot on my mems saying he can see a separate vav and chaf. So just to avoid that I make the connection a bit thicker.

    2. שאלתי היתה בנוגע לסיום החרטום שמתעבה למטה, לא שאלתי בנוגע לחיבור של הו' לכ"ף

    3. Sorry my mistake.
      I used to do the vav almost like a slanted diamond (almost Like the regel of one of my daleds) but the vav always connected to the chaf making a mem setumah. So i changed the חרטום to what I write now.

      Is there a problem with my חרטום regarding whether it is Lechatchilah?

  2. אין בעיה
    רק זה קצת נראה מוזר


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