Shailo in a kesuba

A sofer here wrote a kesuba for a wedding in two weeks time, and now, because of coronavirus, the wedding was brought forward to this week. So he needs a kesuba with a different date.

Is one able to carefully and professionally erase the current date, so that the change will not be noticed? Or is it problematic to write the date on a mechika, even if you can't really see the mechika?


  1. If there is a mistake in the "shtaar" that requires a "mechika" with fixing, one should write on the last line of the "Shtaar" after the words " ...וקנינא" before the words הכל שריר וקיים to write that
    .המילים פלוני.... בשורה פלוני נכתבו על המחק

    See Choshen Mishpat 45:5-6.

    It is difficult to assume that after erasing a date written on Klaf that it will not be noticeable and therefore not require a "Kiyum" as outlined above.

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