Any suggestions for distance/virtual learning of safrus?

I received this for a friend who lives out of town (no local sofer):

My 16 year old son is interested in learning safrus. He has tremendous artistic ability and has read and watched many videos. He has been practicing on paper with ink and quills with what he knows. What would u suggest he do to learn it properly? Any specific books or videos etc?


  1. I suggest Machon Melechet Shamayim
    The instuctor is very patient, fluent in English, tech-savy, and really customised the pace and learning for every student.

  2. Shmuel beat me to the recommendation! Machon Melechet Shamayim is a good online Safrut course. Even though I did not take the course by just the recommendations of the course it really looks like a good course.

    Although, the one thing that I know about the course is that the course does not teach the halacha to you, rather you learn the halacha and then ask any questions you have about the section you were assigned to learn. Also the course is $730 (Not including supplies) which for some people can be pricey.

    Personally, I'd be happy to help with any learning (Whether it be halacha or advice) through any of the virtual meeting app (Zoom). I understand where this 16 year old is coming from, since I started learning safrus also at 16! And most of my learning was through different videos and learning things on my own. (My ktav shows alot :)]

  3. Actually, my course DOES teach the Halacha (what made you think not?)

    But thanks anyway for the recommendation!

    There are recorded video and audio shiurim on every word of the Mishna Berura and Keset Hasofer, as well as PowerPoint presentations of the Halachot (available for free by contacting me)

    Regarding the tuition- the most expensive course is the one that doesn't work!

    After 25 years teaching over 2300 students, I have some idea of what works. I taught dozens of teenagers, and myself learned at age 12.

    1. Here is a link to the entire Halachic materials-

    2. לכבוד הרב, I am sorry if I was mistaken that the course did not teach the Halacha, some people whom I asked for recommendation did say "you learn the halacha on your own."
      Only good and all success.


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