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A couple of months ago we had a discussion how new techniques help sofrim write a Torah in 6-8 weeks. A very interesting discussion about a metayeg that was not mekadesh a shem took place. As we have many backyard minyanim, many people want the cheapest kosher lechatchila Torah. Guiding somebody to buy a Torah is very complex,  I will explain the pitfalls of the lesser expensive and often even the expensive Torahs. KSAV KABALA: If you are looking for a ready Torah or even half ready, you probably will be dealing with a socher. Many if not most sochrim even erliche, will deal with sofrim that:(worst first) Have no kabala, and are not planning to have kabala Are planing to "take out" kabala (the plan makes the socher feel good) Have a silly hamlatza that they are erlich Passed written test but not oral test Kabala was received many years ago and they never reviewed the halachos. If a metayeg was used 90 percent will be first category. I hope I do not need to explai

sefer Bnai Yaakov from Rav Ben Tzion Vozner

Does anyone have it? I'd greatly appreciate if you could email to siman alef in os Zayin. The sefer Ksav Hasofer says he has a piece on the din of os Zayin in long ksav. (On the one hand it's 4 or more kulmusim but on the other hand it's the same length as all other regular letters.)

Bais or Chaf?

Bais or Chaf? Rav Friedlander would pasel such baises and I confirmed with his a talmid muvhak. However, if the mezuzah belong to a Chasid of Chabad he would direct them to Rav Moshe Viner. I sent the picture to Rav Viner and here's his reply: הב' הזאת מאוד בעייתית. אין לה זוית למטה, והעקב אינו ברור. בכל זאת איני מחליט על פי התמונה עד אשר אראה ממש במציאות, כי יתכן שאם נראה היטב כב' שמועיל קריאת תינוק ותיקון

Rewrite ketubah

Received the following sheila from a sofer: "I had a Sheila that I received from a customer. It is his 10 year wedding anniversary and he wants to get his Ketubah re-written by a sofer since the original is plain and printed. He asked whether the re-write that I would do has any halachic significance? Does it replace his original? or is it seen as simply considered artwork? Alternatively, I thought that maybe not having the Eidim re-sign or making an intentional mistake like leaving out a letter could be a solution to avoid it being mistaken as the original. I'm interested to hear your thoughts"

Shipping a sefer Torah/ Traveling with a sefer Torah

.Any mekoros from modern seforim/in the name of leading poskim would be welcome האם מותר לשלוח ס"ת בדואר או עם DHL וכדומה אם זה ארוז טוב וכלי בתוך כלי ? האם יש נ"מ אם זה לא תפור לעצי חיים? או אם האותיות בשורות האחרונות פסולות (יש נפסקים) במקום אותיות חלולות שכשרים (הגרי"ש אלישיב סבר שיוד חלול לא כשר) ? ואם מישהו לוקח ס"ת איתו במטוס ונוסע לבד ובשדה התעופה הוא צריך השרותים ואין עם מי להשאיר המזוודה עם הס"ת האם מותר להכניס אותו לשירותים אם זה כלי בתוך כלי ?

Small negiah of the Lamed

Very small negiah on the Lamed to the beis on the line above.  Mutar to scrap since it does not affect the tzurah? 

writing name on bottom of batim or back of retzuos

Without mamashus. sources for those who permit?

mezuzah placement virtual walk-through

I was asked last week to check the correct placements for mezuzot at a newly-renovated home. The "walk-through" was conducted via WhatsApp video, and the home owner took me on a detailed tour of his newly-renovated house. I asked him to show me different viewing perspectives, as well as doorways opening from outside. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the "walk-through" went, and how technology helped us with this important mitzvah. I'm interested in hearing about technology-assisted solutions from my colleagues. Be well, Shmuel

Shailas tinok via image con'd


Quill question

So I was preparing some quills, and as I was I noticed one of the quills had a crack on the back side: Should I still continue with this quill? Or should I toss the quill due to this crack? Again, it is on the back side, so it would not affect any part of the nib of the quill.

Shailas tinok via image

Has anyone discussed with leading poskim in Stam as to whether there's any way or any type of shaila that can be asked via an emailed or texted image? This question was raised and someone suggested that there may be some types of shailahs can couldbe shown to a child. I'm told Rav Mualem says it's not allowed and I await to see the shiur. I'm also waiting on a  reply from a leaving posek in Stam. This shaila has come up as people are unable or finding it difficult to ask a tinok if they don't have an appropriate child at home.

A few mistakes

So I was writing and these mistakes popped up (Of course, all of these mistakes are nothing too severe): 1. Nun connected to Bet on bottom (Very small negiah mutar to scrap) 2. Nun of nafsho (Unsure, most probably Shelat tinok, comments please!) 3. Yud of Kei Kaltah (Possible tzurah to ches? Shelat tinok?) 4. Mem of Megenat connected fully (I think the Daas Kodashim says Pasul)

kashrus of large or small letters

There're sources that say we disregard a tinok who misreads a *traditional* os rabasi or ze-ira that is written proportionately/if judged on its own. (See Shu"t Maharam Lublin 24 - it's short and can be found on I'm looking for sources from the achronim to modern seforim or reliable oral psakim from leading poskim that specifically discuss whether we do or don't ignore a tinok when a sofer mistakenly/incorrectly makes such a letter. I'm aware of a machlokes among a few of the contemporary poskim. It seems that Shu"t Shevet Halevi 10 siman 277 os Bais holds that the Zayin is kosher and the tinok is ignored. (Also on For example, in sefer Malachi the word זכרו has a Zayin rabasi. Were a sofer to make the exact same Zayin in a sefer Torah in the word זכור, where there's no tradition to make an os rabasi, and a child reads it as a Nun Pshuta, some say it's kosher and some say that it's pasul. This machlokes w

How to sanitize / sterilize tefillin and mezuzos

A few sofrim have asked me if it is possible to disinfect tefillin or mezuzos so that they can be checked without fear of contamination. Liquid, alcholol based sanitizers do not mix well with STa"M , nor is the idea of heating (in oven etc) recommended. The Covid-19 virus does not appear to be in a hurry to go away and we all need to learn to adapt,  so that we can continue to do our holy work safely. I present these two informative videos by Dr. Yankel Rapp, who demonstrates how to disinfect tefillin and mezuzos using UV technology. The STa"M community greatly appreciates Dr. Rapp giving his time and expertise to make these videos. Please note the disclaimer below from Dr. Rapp before clicking on the two links for the videos below.... ---------------- DISCLAIMER These 2 videos on Ultra Violet Sterilization against the Virus were put together at the request of a sofer (Scribe) primarily to help STAM (Sefer Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzahs) scribes to deal with issues