A few mistakes

So I was writing and these mistakes popped up (Of course, all of these mistakes are nothing too severe):
1. Nun connected to Bet on bottom (Very small negiah mutar to scrap)
2. Nun of nafsho (Unsure, most probably Shelat tinok, comments please!)
3. Yud of Kei Kaltah (Possible tzurah to ches? Shelat tinok?)
4. Mem of Megenat connected fully (I think the Daas Kodashim says Pasul)


  1. 1. separate
    2. kosher. You can take a tad off the back of the Peh so you can extend the moshav of the Heh a bit more
    3. kosher
    4. Lemaaseh, there a machlokes haposkim if a mem pshuta has no pgam between the chaf/nun and the vav. You can raise the roofs (rounding down on the right corner) to the height of the shpitzim you have on the edges so there's a clear pgam and complete the leg.


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