mezuzah placement virtual walk-through

I was asked last week to check the correct placements for mezuzot at a newly-renovated home. The "walk-through" was conducted via WhatsApp video, and the home owner took me on a detailed tour of his newly-renovated house. I asked him to show me different viewing perspectives, as well as doorways opening from outside. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the "walk-through" went, and how technology helped us with this important mitzvah. I'm interested in hearing about technology-assisted solutions from my colleagues.
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  1. Based on my experience and from shailahs raised in some forums, it seems very common for mezuzahs shailahs to be asked via images or video rather than asking a rav to make a home visit or with amateur, 2D diagrams

  2. I do many virtual mezuzah walk throughs. My advice is that not to do it at night time firstly, (I do not reccomend at night even when doing it in person).

    Also a great challenge by virtual walk throughs is that when one is trying to evaluate the "right side" on certain doorways before Paskening, one needs to have a very clear understanding of the house layout. In person it is much easier to get a proper understanding of the house layout than in virtual mezuzah walk throughs.
    Hatzlacha rabba


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