Rewrite ketubah

Received the following sheila from a sofer:

"I had a Sheila that I received from a customer. It is his 10 year wedding anniversary and he wants to get his Ketubah re-written by a sofer since the original is plain and printed. He asked whether the re-write that I would do has any halachic significance? Does it replace his original? or is it seen as simply considered artwork? Alternatively, I thought that maybe not having the Eidim re-sign or making an intentional mistake like leaving out a letter could be a solution to avoid it being mistaken as the original. I'm interested to hear your thoughts"


  1. It was brought to my attention that in Igres Moshe Y"D Siman 120 that יש מקום להחמיר to specifically not write a kesuba in ksav ashuris. So it might be halachically more mehudar to keep his printed one. Never the less I should think that if you wrote it in another font it would still be a very nice thing to do. I have seen some very beautiful hand written kesubos with beautiful decorations, and there is a big market for this type of work.

    1. א״א שיהיה שתי כתובות. וגם לא נראה שמותר לכתוב עוד כתובה אלא אם אם כן יש בעיה או פיסול עם הכתובה הראשונה. ואז אם עושים כתובה תחת ובמקום הכתובה הראשונה, צריך שיהיה נוסח מתאים לדוגמא כתובה דאישתכח בה טעותא וכדומה.
      ולכן אם אין צורך הלכתי להחליף הכתובה הראשונה אין להחליף.
      אבל יכול להיות שמותר שיכתוב את כל הנוסח של הכתובה ולמעלה לכתוב אותיות ״עתק״ שאז כולם יבין שהכתיבה הזה לא כשר ורק ללביבות המילתא.


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