Shailas tinok via image

Has anyone discussed with leading poskim in Stam as to whether there's any way or any type of shaila that can be asked via an emailed or texted image?

This question was raised and someone suggested that there may be some types of shailahs can couldbe shown to a child. I'm told Rav Mualem says it's not allowed and I await to see the shiur. I'm also waiting on a  reply from a leaving posek in Stam.

This shaila has come up as people are unable or finding it difficult to ask a tinok if they don't have an appropriate child at home.


  1. If it is just a questionable letter, there is no reason why you can't show a clear image. So long as all the letters are seen equally and as close to life size as possible.

    If it is size sensitive or involves shades (like a smudge) or other variables that take away from the accuracy, then definitely not.

    This is my policy for years after asking a number of poskim

  2. which poskim?

    See my new post on the matter so you can see what Rav Menachem Yehuda Gross sent me. I'm told Rav Mualem agrees and also used the same stark language.

  3. Also, a talmid muvhak of Rav Friedlander said he was against it.


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