writing name on bottom of batim or back of retzuos

Without mamashus. sources for those who permit?


  1. Harav Meir Mazuz allows writing a name on the bottom of the batim and/on the end of the back side of the retzuos (as long as the lettering isn’t raised). (Mekor Ne’eman 66 and 70)

    Any other mekoros?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Do you know where in the Meleches shamayim?

    2. See last paragraph in the בינה, סימן יט

    3. thank you! Interesting that it's not mentioned in any of the sources I note. Did you see any sources who bring this Meleches Shamayim?

  3. The only other 2 sources I've found are Zichron Eliyahu pages 365-366, based on Rama Mipano siman 38, not to write on back of batim and possibly not on back of retzuos

    Shu"t Shevet Hakehati 2:28 seems to okay writing on the back of the retzuos. Interestingly, Piskei Teshuvos presents this as a source to allow writing on the bottom of batim and retzuos but in his latest printing he leaves it out and writes not to write anything on the back, though he doesn't really bring a source to support it.

  4. Keses Hasofer 26:4. Also based on Rama Mipano.


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