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Follow up with opposite vov zayin shaila מזזות



Difference of vov and zayin is vov =regel goes out from right side where a zayin the rosh protrudes beyond the regel. Since the difference is so small the rishonim tell us to make a vov rounded. since a square can sometimes seem to a tinok like a zayin. Mikdash Me'at  (275:45)answers bnai yonas question how can osios lefufos be kosher , we know אין שיעור לעובי האותיות? Mikdash Me'at answers that if we can tell that its a tag not part of the letter it is kosher. My first impression was that the case here is a vov with a kotz, however since it is a question that is not clear cut and needs sofer or poseks discretion, I showed it to a colleague who disagreed and felt its posul, the fact that the tag is sitting on the protrusion makes it part of the rosh. We showed it to 2 rabbanim and we still have nobody that feels he can be machshir.

Regel of daled in yadecha

Is regel of daled in yadecha ok or too short?

Smudge in sheimos

Smudge in first to sheimos happened after Shas kesiva. How much can I erase/clean up without problem of being mochek a part of shem.

Some sort of crease in the klaf?

I Baruch Hashem am about to finish another Megillah Esther, and as I am writing I noticed a crease or fold in the middle of the amud I am writing on. How would you fix this crease? Use sandpaper and sand it down?  Or would you keep it there and write over it? (Although I'm more afraid of any letters cracking due to it)

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Tefilin pitzponim

Hi - I was asked to share this question: Hi, I wanted to inquire about the width between each sirtut on klaf that would go inside pitzponim Tefilin and the like. I want to teach myself to write that size. Also, if there is anything else I should know about that kind of task, or any tips please let me know.


I received the following question, posting on his behalf: Dear Forum Members,  I am an Orthodox Jew living in Sheffield, I have been doing some research on Safrus Ink and I had a few questions that I would like to ask the forum? 1. Does anyone have a resource whereby you have the script in which the Torah is written in that can be copied and pasted into a word document? I am aware there is more than one script (Ari, Sefrad etc) if anyone has access to the various types that would also be appreciated.  2. Whilst researching recipes to make your own ink I came across the below link.    (  ) is anyone aware of any other recipes, where the ingredients are more readily available! Also is the recipe used part of a mesorah or is there Halachic significance to this? I.e. I heard that one should avoid using copper in the recipe as it has become an Kli Milchama.  3. Is anyone aware of a resource whereby I could order Kosher Ink

Pitum Haketores

Looking for Marei Mekomos about the minhag of writing Pitum Haketores on Klaf for an article in my blog. So far I have the Kaf Hachaim, Kezahav Mipaz, Seder Hayom - but I'm having a hard time finding enough sources for this widespread minhag. Tizku Lemitzves YK