Follow up with opposite vov zayin shaila מזזות


  1. Here the case is not exactly the reverse of the previous posted one. The above supposed Zayins are truly kasher vavim. Unlike the previous case, even if a tinok were to read them as Zayins they would still be considered passul. ONLY if they had a "zavit" protruding at the bottom right, would we weigh in and require the strict reading of a Tinok in order to validate it as a zayin.

  2. While these Zayins are lechora pasul, they'd be at least shailos tinoks if they were supposed to be Vavin.

    1. Of course, if they were intended to be vavim, they would be a she'elat tinok. However, in this case, since they were intended as zenins, there is no she'elat tinok that could redeem them. Shabbat Shalom


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