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Dear Forum Members, 

I am an Orthodox Jew living in Sheffield, I have been doing some research on Safrus Ink and I had a few questions that I would like to ask the forum?

1. Does anyone have a resource whereby you have the script in which the Torah is written in that can be copied and pasted into a word document? I am aware there is more than one script (Ari, Sefrad etc) if anyone has access to the various types that would also be appreciated. 

2. Whilst researching recipes to make your own ink I came across the below link.    ( ) is anyone aware of any other recipes, where the ingredients are more readily available! Also is the recipe used part of a mesorah or is there Halachic significance to this? I.e. I heard that one should avoid using copper in the recipe as it has become an Kli Milchama. 

3. Is anyone aware of a resource whereby I could order Kosher Ink online? 


  1. Ah, I love the question since it covers basics every Sofer should know!

    1. I have tried to find the script online so that you can type in the same style, and from that you can copy and paste the text for whatever you need. I found this website ( that has both Sephardic and Ashkenazi scripts. (Although I am not an expert in how to download them...)

    2. There are two main types of inks as brought down by the Shulchan Aruch and the Rama:
    A. דיו קנקנתום/קומא (Iron/copper sulfate)
    B. עשן עצים או שמנים (Tree or oil ashes)
    The דיו קנקנתום recipe you have already seen in the post on the Forum.
    Meanwhile the עשן עצים ink is made from taking tree and oil ashes mixing it with pitch and a little honey in order to form little "cakes." Once the cakes dry out and ready for writing, one would take the cake and put in in Gallnut juice and write with the ink. (Keset Hasofer 3:1) The Mishna Berura adds that this ink does not have any of the Iron or copper sulfate ingredients. (Id assume this method of making ink would help with regards to ingredients being available)
    The masorah of the ink is that the ink needs to be black and stand long periods of times (which excludes any other ink color). The Keset Hasofer does say one should try to use the עשן עצים ink, and also the Rama says לכתחילה one should use the עשן עצים ink. End of the day, the Mishna Berura paskins that either ink is good for use in STaM לכתחילה. (There is also the whole discussion of the דיו של ר"ת which is a can of worms on its own).

    3. There is the online STaM shop by the name of Merkaz Hasoferim ( which sell premade bottles of inks and ships internationally around the world.

    The whole topic of Ink in STaM has many different variables to consider, so the best resources I can guide you to would be Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 32:3 and Keset Hasofer 3:1. Also Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De'ah 271.

    Note to any Forum Members: Please comment if I forgot any small detail or idea regarding anything about the subject!


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