Regel of daled in yadecha

Is regel of daled in yadecha ok or too short?


  1. The Regel of the Dalet is around 1.25x kulmusim based on it's head. Therefore, it's not only kosher according to those that require the leg be 1 kulmus and certainly Rav Stern and Rav Klein who require a bit less than a kulmus, it's even kosher according to the MB, who requires 1 kulmus plus, which the poskim say is a minimum of 1.25 kulmusim. It is bedieved so it should be lengthened so it's closer to 2 kulmusim.

    The moshav of the Nun Kefufa should extend past the rosh both on the right and left side. This is basics.

    Also, some time should be invested in improving the Tzadi.

  2. Tangentially, even were this leg 1 kulmus long it would also be kosher leshitas MB (even though this doesn;t see to be halachah lemaaseh) as he holds that the yerech of a large letter can be measured by the shiur ohs ketana of a beinoni letter, such as the surrounding standard size letters.
    On the other hand, it may be pasul leshitas Mikdash Me'at (ohs ketana is 1 kulmus) as he's mesupak if the din or ohs ketana from the gemara (by ohs Hei) applies to Dalet and Reish (and Rav MS Klein is choshesh for this and requires a tinok as per his sefer Sheieilas Moshe[where he aslo talks about a short regel on a Dalet Rabasi]). (Unless the MM agrees with the Maasaf Lechol Hamachanos bshem Zichron Yehuda and Pnei Meivin that davka by the Dalet Rabasi an ohs ketana of the surrounding standard letters is sufficient with a tinok.


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