Tefilin pitzponim

Hi - I was asked to share this question:

Hi, I wanted to inquire about the width between each sirtut on klaf that would go inside pitzponim Tefilin and the like. I want to teach myself to write that size.
Also, if there is anything else I should know about that kind of task, or any tips please let me know.


  1. Tefillin pitzponim a very cute Tefillin..

    By what I know, the line sizes could be 2-3mm (Or even smaller not sure)
    The writing itself needs to be EXTREMELY precise and very careful not to make a mistake.
    I have seen some Soferim use other means for kulmusim such as Kolmus Hashamir, even metal at times.
    Some prefer using Bamboo reeds since their are able to be formed into the more smaller sizes, although Bamboo reeds dont exactly work well with Beit Yosef/Arizal script. (The bamboo doesnt "give" much room to make the curves needed)
    Some still use Turkey Feather since they are used to the feel of a turkey feather, although at times the quill does expand a little.

    I have a picture that i think might show the size of a Tefillin pitzponim line size, will upload it as a seperate post.

    1. *By the way, I am not a Sofer who writes Tefillin pitzponim (More like Sofer in training), althought I have researched the topic before.


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