ADMIN POST: Please Read

To all our members.

Firstly, thank you for continuing to post sheilas and interesting notes and finds to the International STaM Forum. We have received a lot of good feedback and many new member requests.

As previously advised, we have a limit of 100 Authors (members who can post and comment), and we have now reached that limit. As such I am reaching out to those members who do not post or comment frequently to please advise me privately, so I can remove your “author” status and allow space for new members. Please note, you will still remain within our database as a member and remain listed as a member on the website. Please email me on to advise.

If you are not listed on the member page, please also advise me privately via the email above and I can add your name and details.

Many thanks.


  1. Gut voch!

    Thank you Doron for volunteering to handle the administrative duties! It would be nice to see more than 5-6 of the 100 members post or comment on occasion so we have a more active forum and more varied content. In addition to questions any member may have, I'm sure many have helpful advice, interesting shailahs and helpful psakim from expert poskim in Stam to share.

  2. Shavuah Tov!

    Thank you Daron for being an administer on the forum. To add onto what Rabbi Askotzky mentioned, it would also be nice for members to post the slightly idea or advice.

    For example, I know that not many people are familiar with the different tikkuns on Shir Hashirm. If a forum member knows someone that knows the answer to the shilah it would be nice to send the shilah or the contact info of the person in order to receive an answer.


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