Are brushes considered writing implements?

I received this question and posting on his behalf:

Are brushes considered an writing instrument?

Could you technically write סת״ם with it?

In a Sefer Torah that needs to be restored, like the one from the picture. If one would be allowed to use a rapidograph to restore it. Would a brush be also allowed?

The premise of the questions is: In order to write סת״ם, you need something that’s considered an writing instrument. Many cultures do use brushes for writing.

So in the more חמור side of the question, could you write with a brush? And on the more קל side, could you do תיקונים?

I’d love to understand more about this topic, if anyone could refer me to somewhere where this is discussed, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. I have known a few well known sofrim that repaired sifrei torah (like the one in the above picture) using brushes and ink instead of a quill or kolmos as the letters were just to brittle to go over them in a conventional way.

    1. Alberto, this is very interesting. So, a brush might be used for non-precision tikunim - such as thickening the ink on a faded letter?


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