Differences in mezuzos

 Dear fellow sofrim,

I would like to know what Kabbala/custom you have received/do on the following points in the mezuza which i have seen a few opinions of.

If you can post the way you do it and who’s opinion and/or the reason why you do it that way it would be very great!

1) The extra tagim in the mezuza besides שעטנז גץ like in שמע אחד etc..

2) the spacing in between ובשעריך and והי׳ where do you end ובשעריך and where do you start the והי׳?

3) the כוזו on the back do you do it exactly against the שמות or a little on top just touching?

Thank you very much 



  1. *Although I do not write Mezuzot (Not yet at least!) I do know what my Mesorah is...

    1)Extra tagim: Following the Sephardic mesorah I do one tag on the letters בדק חיה, like any other Sephardic STaM. (Especially on the yuds since according to the Yeriot Shlomo a Sephardic ktav is not considered mehudar unless there are the single tag on the yud)

    2) ובשעריך is ended right at the end of the line. והיה starts 9 yuds from the beginning of the line. (Although the קול יעקב says the shuir parsha should be the full three times Asher with yuds, it is VERY hard to fit the line in especially if wishing to keep certain words at the beginning of the lines

    3) This is the interesting question that I did not know. There are mixed mesorahs in the Sephardic community whether one should write כוזו on the back of the Mezuzah even! (Lehalacha, both Sephardic Soferim who do or don't write כוזו should follow their minhag since both have strong opinion to rely on.) Lemassah, I do not think I would write it since there is a minhag Baghdad NOT to write the כוזו on the back. Being that I follow the Ben Ish Chai (who comes from Baghdad) I would assume I would follow this opinion.

    Here is a video by Rabbi Mulaam discussing whether of not to write the כוזו: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnsKpaBgYqE&ab_channel=%D7%99%D7%93%D7%A8%D7%A4%D7%90%D7%9C

  2. Hi Reb Michael,

    Thank you for your answer, regarding question 1) do you add any tagim besides those?

    1. No other Tagim are added other than those mentioned

  3. Regarding Sephardim adding the additional tag on the Yud, Harav Gudis, who many consider one of the leading talmidim of Harav Ovadia, told me as follows: "Mistama the daat of Maran Ovadia is that it's not required and it's not mentioned in SA. However, according to the Arizal, certainly lechatchila one should make the tag on the Yud even though there's a kotz on the top left corner." "One who wants to be concerned for the Arizal there's a chashash in the hiddur."

    Rav Gudis is rosh kollel Yechave Da'at with Rav Dovid Yosef. Rav Dovid's son told me that if Rav Gudis doesn't know Maran Harav Ovadia's opinion (in Stam, at least that's what we were discussing) then likely nobody does.

    1. Interesting to know. So there is a Chashash in loosing hiddur if one does put the tag on the yud?

  4. ...there's a chashash in the hiddur **if one doesn't put the tag on the Yud**. The only issue with the tag on the Yud is if it's done ion a mannrer than can affect the tzura of the Yud, such as when doing it on the right edge and/or making the tag too larger.

    1. Ahah, I didnt interpret that correctly.

      Chag Shameach!


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