Looking for beautiful examples of STaM

Shalom. I apologize if this is off the usual halachic topics here, but maybe someone on this forum can help me out.
I am coming out with a book on the Beauty of the Hebrew Letter, and I naturally want to include beautiful examples of STaM. I know beauty is a subjective matter but if you know of a person who does outstanding work in STaM - I am looking for both Ktav Ashkenazi (Beit Yosef or Ari), and Sephardi, and maybe even Chabad, and who would give me permission to use their work, it would be greatly helpful. I would be willing of course to contact the person myself if you have contact information. I am really looking for the best of the best - I already have very nice examples but I am looking for outstanding work. I am not looking for calligraphic works with ktav Ashurit, but rather pure STaM - mezuzot, tfillin, megillah or Sefer Torah.
I don't want to take up room on the forum with this request. I can be contacted privately at
Thanking you in advance.


  1. There are some samples if you search this forum and I will send you something.

    But pls tell us more about your book.

  2. A few years back I wrote a book on Hebrew Calligraphy, called Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy, published by Koren publishers/Toby Press. Even though it included many nice examples its main purpose was to teach the fundamentals for beginners as well as having material for more advanced students. The present book will be more a coffee-table type book with illustrations of good Hebrew lettering - from traditional works to those done by contemporary lettering artists. Since i started my calligraphic career as a Sofer STaM it is important to me to showcase the beauty of our ktav.


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