Is this a Joke or Broad daylight robbery?

This Video was surfacing social media, have no idea who this is, but was wondering if this a Joke or Broad daylight robbery?


  1. Not a joke. Some sefardim make an issue of this.

  2. Yes, the sefaradim most of the times are makpid about making Tagim on the yud properly,

    But my question is, why did the Sofer not do the Tagim on the other yuds?

  3. It seems to be the subject of lot of discussion as to whether there is an ukutz to the left and a tag in the middle or just an ukutz or a combine uketz and tag.

  4. This was discussed in some WhatsApp groups and the maker of this video was blasted for his amaratzus. It's clearly not a psul and while Rav Mualem holds that the tag (in addition to the oketz elyon) is needed to be considered mehudar, others argue and hold it's mehudar without. This sofer has no business publishing videos. He first needs to learn the basic halachos of Stam.


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