Excuse my inactivity, recently I have been trying to plan my trip to Yeshivah in Israel, and too much has been going on. 

I around 3 weeks ago wrote this Pitum Haketoret, right before I tested positive for the coronavirus. 

Baruch Hashem, there were no severe symptoms and I finally got cleared to fly out to Israel.

I wanted to know if there is anything I should work on my Ktav, (especially since I will soon try to get my Ksav Kabbalah in Israel)

Details: 8mm lines, written by a plastic kulmus (Not used to writing 8mm ktav)

As always, thanks for the help! 


  1. Great job. Your handwriting passes
    If You are fluent in the halachot youlle have no problem.
    I see you make the chartom of the mem thin wide thin lie a zayin. WHY?
    Also try to keep top and bottom of beiz same width.

    1. Thanks for the reply,
      I understand sometimes my Beis does need a little work, so will continue to work on that.

      As for the chartom of the mem, I will work/fix it properly.

      Only question is, should the chartom be a pashut line? Or should it be a little more thicker?


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