Mezuzah Rolling Tip

I'd just like to share a simple tip that has worked well for me over the years. 

Rolling mezuzos can be awkward, particularly if the klaf is thick or if the mezuzah has to be rolled tightly to fit into a narrow case. Sometimes it takes several attempts to roll nicely, and often one can make creases in the parchment and even bruising of letters on the left side, both which eventually cause the letters to break or crack and ultimately shorten the life of the mezuzah.

What I suggest doing -  is to roll the mezuzah loosely and then put an elastic / rubber band around it. Leave it overnight or even for a few hours so it gets a circular shape and it will be much easier to roll after that. In fact, it will be much like rolling a used mezuzah and you should be able to get a perfect roll without making any creases etc.

You can even roll several mezuzos loosely inside each other with one rubber band. I always do this for expensive mezuzos even if the klaf is thin and the case isn't tight. It's just a way to ensure the mezuzah will roll perfectly and last for many years.


  1. I do the same, but I roll it using a drinking straw. Keeps the shape perfectly. It pulls out smoothly when I'm done. This usually works even if I did not have the time to use your eitzah.

    Once in a while, when the klaf is particularly stiff, using the straw may result in a mild crease (milder, however, than if I would try to roll it without the straw), but in those cases keeping it somewhat rolled overnight is not always effective.

    1. yes, some people use a thin round piece of wood, does much the same as a straw. Also helpful

  2. R' Eli - this is very helpful advice. I like letting "time" (leaving the loosely rolled mezuzah wrapped by an elastic band overnight) do the work. Thank you.


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