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Custom Sofrus knives review


I custom ordered a couple sofrus knives a little while ago based on info I got from this old post:
Thank you for that. I ordered a quill knife as well as an old style klaf scrapping knife, for erasures.

The quill knife has a smooth, curved back surface that lends to smoother surface on the kulmus. The sturdiness of the blade and handle really helps have more control in the cuts and allows more precision. I still use the 11 scalpel for some things though.
The klaf scrapper is a big boon and is just easier to use than the 10 or 15 scalpel. The tip allows for erasing small negios (when it's permissible, of course) and the curved surface allows for adjusting the surface area of the erasure so you don't erase things by accident.
Just thought it would be interesting to other sofrim. This is not an edorsment or advertisment, although I do recommend you try a quill knife, from whatever source, if you haven&#…