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How to sanitize / sterilize tefillin and mezuzos

A few sofrim have asked me if it is possible to disinfect tefillin or mezuzos so that they can be checked without fear of contamination. Liquid, alcholol based sanitizers do not mix well with STa"M , nor is the idea of heating (in oven etc) recommended. The Covid-19 virus does not appear to be in a hurry to go away and we all need to learn to adapt,  so that we can continue to do our holy work safely. I present these two informative videos by Dr. Yankel Rapp, who demonstrates how to disinfect tefillin and mezuzos using UV technology. The STa"M community greatly appreciates Dr. Rapp giving his time and expertise to make these videos. Please note the disclaimer below from Dr. Rapp before clicking on the two links for the videos below.... ---------------- DISCLAIMER These 2 videos on Ultra Violet Sterilization against the Virus were put together at the request of a sofer (Scribe) primarily to help STAM (Sefer Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzahs) scribes to deal with issues