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kashrus of large or small letters

There're sources that say we disregard a tinok who misreads a *traditional* os rabasi or ze-ira that is written proportionately/if judged on its own. (See Shu"t Maharam Lublin 24 - it's short and can be found on I'm looking for sources from the achronim to modern seforim or reliable oral psakim from leading poskim that specifically discuss whether we do or don't ignore a tinok when a sofer mistakenly/incorrectly makes such a letter. I'm aware of a machlokes among a few of the contemporary poskim. It seems that Shu"t Shevet Halevi 10 siman 277 os Bais holds that the Zayin is kosher and the tinok is ignored. (Also on

For example, in sefer Malachi the word זכרו has a Zayin rabasi. Were a sofer to make the exact same Zayin in a sefer Torah in the word זכור, where there's no tradition to make an os rabasi, and a child reads it as a Nun Pshuta, some say it's kosher and some say that it's pasul.

This machlokes woul…