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Quill question

So I was preparing some quills, and as I was I noticed one of the quills had a crack on the back side: Should I still continue with this quill? Or should I toss the quill due to this crack? Again, it is on the back side, so it would not affect any part of the nib of the quill.

Shailas tinok via image

Has anyone discussed with leading poskim in Stam as to whether there's any way or any type of shaila that can be asked via an emailed or texted image? This question was raised and someone suggested that there may be some types of shailahs can couldbe shown to a child. I'm told Rav Mualem says it's not allowed and I await to see the shiur. I'm also waiting on a  reply from a leaving posek in Stam. This shaila has come up as people are unable or finding it difficult to ask a tinok if they don't have an appropriate child at home.