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I received the following question, posting on his behalf: Dear Forum Members,  I am an Orthodox Jew living in Sheffield, I have been doing some research on Safrus Ink and I had a few questions that I would like to ask the forum? 1. Does anyone have a resource whereby you have the script in which the Torah is written in that can be copied and pasted into a word document? I am aware there is more than one script (Ari, Sefrad etc) if anyone has access to the various types that would also be appreciated.  2. Whilst researching recipes to make your own ink I came across the below link.    (  ) is anyone aware of any other recipes, where the ingredients are more readily available! Also is the recipe used part of a mesorah or is there Halachic significance to this? I.e. I heard that one should avoid using copper in the recipe as it has become an Kli Milchama.  3. Is anyone aware of a resource whereby I could order Kosher Ink